Olduvai Gorge is located at the Ngorongoro Conservation Area of the Serengeti National Park in Tanzania. It is considered one of the most important paleoanthropological sites in the world. The gorge is the site of the excavations of Dr. Mary Leakey, who unearthed humanoid fossils dating back five to ten million years. ¶The gorge is a place of intense contrasts and beauty, with huge rock islands rising hundreds of meters from the river beds. The effects of water erosion are the most outstanding visual features of the gorges cutting countless vertical paths on the stratified layers of earth. Wind erosion has also had its impact on the site, smoothing some surfaces and cutting grooves in spacerothers. Human intervention takes the form of fossil remains, a testament to our early existence. The scientific excavation of these remains represents another intervention and the establishment of the site in recorded history.
Olduvai Gorge in Tanzania
oldupai gorge
graphicGeologic shifting of the earth’s crust and the pressures underneath the surface are always at work reforming the gorge.
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